Free Guide to Stress-Free Car Hire in the USA

  • free guide to stress free usa car hire

Hiring a car in the USA doesn't have to be stressful or confusing. With a little help and knowledge of how the system works, everyone can choose the right car for their needs, and know exactly how much this will cost. We have created this guide, bringing together our own years of experience of both selling car hire and hiring personally, as well as additional tips, information and suggestions from clients. Whether you are hiring a rental car for the first time, or a veteran traveller - we hope to provide something new.

The guide starts with our Money Saving Principles, which are: 

  1. Timing: Car hire prices are based on a daily rate which is a 24 hour segment, or a weekly rate which is a 7 day segment (or a combination of the two for a 16 day hire for instance).  Keep your hire to these segments to avoid paying an extra day charge for what could be just an hour or two of rental.  We will look further at timings in the coming pages.

  2. Location: In the USA rates for rentals are set by state and vary across the USA accordingly.  Florida and California are the busiest locations for international tourists hiring cars, and therefore the rates for these two states are usually the cheapest – because they are the most competitive markets.  New York is generally the most expensive. In other states, the rate can (but not always) vary depending on whether your collection point is an airport, or a city location (downtown). If you are planning a road trip, try to collect your car from the cheapest location (like California or Florida) as that will govern the total price you pay.

  3. Car type: Age: The minimum age to hire a car in the USA is 21, there is no maximum.  Drivers aged 21 – 24 will be required to pay a surcharge.

We go on to look in more depth at the insurance packages (what is included and what is not), the way the fuel packages work, breakdown cover etc. Whether you can have a free additional driver - or have to pay for extra drivers - or a Sat Nav. We examine the Young Drivers Package, provide useful hints and tips about driving in America, rules about car seats and an indication of car sizes. This is just a flavour of the information contained within the guide - and its absolutely free!

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