Our Young Drivers Package Helps Journalist On USA Road Trip

Our Young Drivers Package for drivers aged 21-24 years recently featured in the Evening Standard newspaper by former Evening Standard journalist Francesca Gillett (now at BBC Online). Francesca contacted us in the summer of 2017 for help with a road-trip through the southern states of the USA during that autumn. The Evening Standard published the resulting road trip article in January 2018. 

No hidden costs

Francesca planned a 2,000 mile journey starting and finishing in New Orleans, taking in Atlanta, Nashville and Memphis . Francesca also wished to take her younger brother for company and to share the driving.  As he was under 25 at the time of the trip, our young drivers package was the perfect solution. The package incorporates all charges for young drivers, and allowed Francesca to drive. The inclusion of the initial tank of fuel meant “no hidden costs to pay at the counter”.  The package also provides CDW and SLI which are both required to drive hire cars legally in the USA.

“Fuel in the US lives up to its reputation for being incredibly cheap, but the car hire itself can be expensive.
For renting a vehicle in the USA – especially for young drivers – TripWheels is unrivalled.
The UK-based company is expert in negotiating the best deal with American car hire companies and arranges the whole rental before you leave meaning no hidden costs to pay at the counter.”

We are delighted that Francesca made the most of her trip.  Her journey through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama is full of stunning locations and useful tips. Take a trip with Francesca and enjoy the article here: Deep South road trip.

New Orleans Street

New Orleans