Young Driver Package

Young Driver Packages for drivers aged 21 – 24 years

It can come as a bit of a surprise to young adults who have achieved their majority and are busy leading independent adult lives to suddenly discover that they need a special package to hire a car in the USA.  It is however, a simple case of statistics, statistically speaking drivers in this age bracket are a bigger risk for the car hire companies, so a surcharge is levied when a young driver wants to drive.  It is simply a surcharge, not an additional or higher degree of insurance.

Child in a Hummer

“If I just pull that this way, I’ll be off…”

Historically, this surcharge has been made at the point of hire, i.e. at the rental desk on arrival. The fee has been $25 per day for many years (of course local taxes must be added to anything paid at the desk) and this is a significant sum to add to the cost of car hire in the first place.

The Young Driver package with Alamo car hire in the USA has proved to be most popular for one quite simple reason – you can have up to three drivers aged 21 – 24 on your rental agreement when using  Alamo  or National. For young couples, or road-trip groups this is invaluable and very cost-effective if the cost of the car is being split.

The Young Driver package can only be added to the Premium package of our car hire – on TripWheels this is done automatically for you when you put your age bracket as 21- 24 in the search box.  You will only see results from companies that offer the Young Driver Package – currently Alamo and National – so the price you see is the full price you will pay with no hidden surcharges.  Of course, if you are planning a road trip you will have to think about one-way fees which can only be paid locally.

Driving a Hummer

“Don’t worry little brother, I’ll get this Hummer going…”

For this package the car must be booked in the name of the young driver – so if you are travelling with older drivers they will become the ‘additional drivers’ rather than the lead/named driver. This is particularly important for parents wishing their young adult children to be able to share the car. Ideally, the lead driver will have a credit card in their own name, but currently (at the time of writing), Alamo will accept a major debit card such as VISA debit for the security deposit at Orlando and Sanford airports in Florida.  Pre-paid credit cards are not acceptable for car hire purposes.

To pay for your actual US car hire voucher, i.e. to pay TripWheels when placing a reservation, you can use either a credit or debit card as you wish!

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