Drive Your US Hire Car Into Mexico

If you want to drive your US hire car into Mexico, then at TripWheels we have one supplier that will allow this. Many of the main suppliers will not allow you to do so.

Last exit before Mexico

Can you drive you US hire car into Mexico?

What do you need to know to drive your US hire car into Mexico?

Fox Rent a Car is the one supplier we have that will allow you to drive your US hire car into Mexico, to cities close to the California and Arizona border. A daily ‘Mexico Insurance’ must be paid, this is currently $26 per day (including local taxes). This will be collected at the time of signing the car hire rental agreement. Not all car categories can be taken into Mexico, only the Economy, Compact, Intermediate and Full size category vehicles are permitted to make the journey.

The car can only be hired from San Diego, Los Angeles and Pheonix airports, as these are the only ones that provide the Mexico Insurance.  Fox locations are all off airport, with complimentary shuttles provided, from the airport to the depot.

Cars collected from any of the California locations will also have 2 drivers thanks to the state law there, but it is worth noting that Fox only offers the standard insurance package, so the fuel must be returned at the same level as when the car is collected.

The minimum age for driving a car with Fox is 23, but there will be an additional surcharge of $14 per day plus local taxes, for drivers aged 23 & 24.  Fox will not therefore show up on our Young Drivers results when the age is put in as 21-24.

The final requirement – all drivers must have a credit card in their own name to rent with Fox.

If you intend to book your hire car for driving into Mexico, please be sure to let us know before your voucher is issued, and then we can add that special requirement to your booking.  If you are in any doubt, you can give us a call of course.