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Europe Car Hire – Hassle Free Car Hire for Spain, Portugal and Italy

European Car Hire that is Worry and Hassle-Free

Take the hassle, worry and uncertainty out of your car hire in Spain, Portugal and Italy by booking our new Key’n Go service from Interent.  Skip the sales desk altogether with this Premium Car Hire service. Without up-sales or add-ons, without excess and without confusion! Continue reading

Pacific Coast Highway 1 California USA – 3 Day Road Trip Guide

Pacific Coast Highway USA Road Trip – The Tripwheels Guide

San Diego to San Francisco

Total Drive Time, around 12 hours – 600 miles

The best months of the year to drive on the Pacific Coast Highway, or Highway 1 are September and October. The weather is slightly warmer than in the summer months reducing the likelihood of fog on the road. The Pacific Coast Highway 1 is most spectacular when driven in the sun and safer too.

Early morning fog tends to burn off by late morning, so all is not lost if you have to travel during the summer. This trip takes you through pretty towns, big cities, wine regions, giant redwoods and Spanish history to name a few.

Our USA road trip idea gives the bare bones of an idea. There are many excellent blog posts full of stunning photos, tips and itineraries and we recommend you take a look at those to help inform your plans. Continue reading

Road Trip USA – A Summer Drive Through the Northern States

USA Road Trip Ideas – A Summer Road Trip through the Northern  USA

The Northern Route

Seattle to Boston on Route 90 passing through the Rocky Mountains/Yellowstone National Park/Rapid City/Mount Rushmoor/Madison/Chicago/Cleveland/Niagara Falls/Appalachian Mountains/Boston

The best time of year to see and enjoy the natural beauty of the northern states is during the summer months. This coast to coast summer road trip based on Interstate 90 is over 3,000 miles long and would take 48 hours of straight driving to complete. But we don’t want you to rush it – to properly enjoy the trip try to allow at least 4 weeks. Continue reading

One Way Car Rentals to the USA

One Way Car Rentals between Canada and the USA

We are often asked  “Can I hire a car in Canada and drive it to the USA?”  It is possible to book one way car rentals from Canada to the USA or vice versa. Only certain locations permit cross border rentals. Below is a chart showing current permitted routes. When you search one of these routes, only the cars available for the trip will be shown. You may notice that the range of cars is reduced. Continue reading

How to Road Trip Australia – 5 Tips

Australia can present unique challenges for a road trip due its vastness, and the huge distances between areas of urbanisation. However, you will also find well-maintained roads and good signage.  Many scenic trips can be taken without great distance required. Most of the delivery trucks tend to travel in the night time hours leaving the roads free from heavy traffic in the day.  Continue reading

So you want to play your favourite music on your Roadtrip?

Roadtrips and music go hand in hand. Iconic scenery and the best driving tunes. Read our 3 tips for playing your music in a rental car.

1. Rental Car Specification

It is hard to find detailed information about the media specifications on rental cars. The fleet is made up of cars from many manufacturers. This makes it is difficult for suppliers to guarantee specifications by category. But we do have some clues. Alamo reveals a bit more online than some other rental companies about its fleet. Cars in the following categories are equipped with MP3  and input: Continue reading

Planning your USA Road Trip with Car Hire

The season for planning a USA road trip seems to start every spring. I receive many enquiries each day about car hire starting on one-side of America and ending on the other, or in Las Vegas! In this article I will share a few points to help you discover how to save money on your car hire. Also the best places to start – if you still have a choice… Continue reading

Washington to Boone Road Trip

Washington to Kissimmee Road Trip, part one – to Boone

We had a late flight out of Heathrow, meaning that by the time we landed at Washington Dulles Airport, it was already dark and raining heavily.  We stayed the night in the Dulles Marriott hotel, – nothing wrong with it per se, but certainly nothing to justify the price when all you are doing is laying your head on a pillow for a few hours.  Continue reading

Elle Hubbard

28th January 2014

I am delighted to reveal that TripWheels has been awarded a Gold Trusted Merchant certificate by Feefo, the Global Feedback Engine. This certificate recognises our achievement at remaining at 99 or 100 percent for our service rating throughout 2013.  We are very proud of our reviews, and even more proud that our customers feel able to leave us great feedback. In this age of the internet, where transactions are carried out over the internet or telephone with no face to face meetings, we still like to develop relationships with our clients and provide the same service that you might expect if you were popping in to your local shop.

TripWheels' Gold Trusted Merchant certificate from Feefo

Gold Trusted Merchant Certificate for TripWheels