Additional Services

On this page we bring together additional services that you may find useful.  We have conducted our own research and chosen these companies to work with based on what we know of their customer service and finished product. Our focus for the research was on ensuring service levels consistent with our own, and helping to signpost the good companies to our customers.

Scroll to the bottom for our fun road-trip bingo and help those miles fly past.

Top Up Car Insurance

Our Fully inclusive and Diamond packages include everything required to drive legally in the USA. Also, basic mechanical assistance if the car breaks down. But, some things are not covered and these fall under the description of ‘Human Error’. As an example, these include

  1. punctures, or damage to:
    • windscreens from road chips
    • wheels or tyres from curbs
    • the inside of the car from spilt drinks or similar
  2. lost keys or roadside assistance if you lock yourself out of the car
  3. putting the wrong fuel in the car

Please see This article for what is, and is not included, with the pre-paid voucher.

We have an increasing number of clients who would also like to have cover for these items, particularly when planning a road trip through some of the less populated areas of the US.  Questor Insurance have fantastic reviews on Trust Pilot for their customer service and products so we are happy to recommend this top up policy through them. An annual policy to cover 2 drivers (for multiple rentals up to 31 days) for costs related to the above, along with personal effects, road rage and car jacking, is available for around £52.

Coverage includes car hire worldwide including rentals in your home country

  • All sums insured/benefits are for each rental agreement (not just annual limits)
  • The excess on the rental agreement up to £5,000 with an option to increase the cover to £50,000 where you need full CDW. Please note that the excess is zero on our car hire packages in the USA, but not Canada.
  • Includes cover for tyres, windscreen, under body, towing and loss of use plus other benefits
  • Cars and MPV’s up to 9 seats
  • Great optional extras to extend cover including Extended Rental, Dual Lead Driver, Battery Failure Cover & Mobile Phone Charges

You can view the policy documents here. 

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is absolutely essential when traveling to the USA particularly when hiring a car. The car hire insurance packages sold by TripWheels give you walk away cover for any damage to the car, or anyone/thing you may damage whilst driving the car. But, travel insurance covers you, your passengers and your belongings. If you required medical help following an accident it is travel insurance that will pay those bills, not your car hire package. Likewise, if your camera or tablet is stolen from the car – it is travel insurance should cover that. The travel insurance packages are sold by Questor, a company which receives excellent reviews on Feefo.  Please examine the policy documents carefully to ensure that you have the right cover.

You can view the travel insurance policy documents here.

Theme Park Tickets

To help your passengers, young or old, pass the time on the road trip, try our State Plate Bingo Game.  The printable version can be found here: State Plate Bingo game.