Young Driver’s Package for US Car Hire Under 25

Our Young Driver’s Package of car hire in the USA for drivers under 25 years is available for rentals from Alamo and National. Drivers aged under 25 years old are considered a greater risk than drivers 25 years or over in the United States. Drivers aged 21 – 24 therefore face a surcharge from the car hire companies. Without a Young Driver’s Package you pay this surcharge on arrival, at between $25 – $47 per day (dependent on supplier). It is important to realise that this fee is simply a surcharge, not an additional insurance. Your insurance levels will not be any different to that of the drivers aged 25 or more.

Our Young Driver’s Package with Alamo and National completely eliminates the need to pay this local surcharge for up to 3 drivers aged 21 to 24 years on one rental.  In Canada, drivers aged 21-24 will pay the local surcharge because there is no Young Driver Package.

Booking the Young Driver’s Package

Please tick the box ‘I am aged 21-24’ before pressing search.  The results then show a complete price which includes the Young Driver’s Package. This is the total rate with nothing else to pay on arrival.

Also included within your rental will be:

  • Unlimited Mileage,
  • Zero Excess
  • CDW,
  • $1 Million Liability Cover,
  • Sales Tax,
  • State Tax,
  • Airport Fees,
  • CFC (Subject to location),
  • Mechanical Assistance,
  • Initial tank of fuel
  • Up to 3 additional drivers over 25
  • Or, 2 more drivers aged 21 – 24 years, making 3 drivers under 25 in total.

Alamo/National Credit and Debit Card Policy:

Debit cards are considered to be any non-credit card bearing the VISA or MasterCard logo. Any other non-credit card without one of these logos is not accepted. A credit card in the name of the lead driver must be presented at the time of rental. Debit cards are accepted along with proof of a confirmed round trip travel ticket (airline, cruise ship or train). Without proof of a round trip ticket, debit cards will not be accepted for the security deposit.

Young Driver Package – FAQ’s

Does this Young Driver’s Package mean that I don’t have to pay $25 per day when I get there?

Yes, absolutely.

When I collect the vehicle will I have to pay any additional charges?

The Young Driver’s Package includes all the insurances and waivers required to drive legally – so – as long as you don’t sign up for any optional extras such as Sat Nav, Enhanced Roadside assistance or an upgrade for instance, you will have no other charges when you arrive.

Can my friend drive for free?

Yes, you can have up to 3 drivers aged 21 – 24 at no additional charge.  You can also have drivers aged 25 or over at no additional charge.

Do I pay now, later, or on arrival?

We issue a pre-paid rental voucher which you exchange for the vehicle when you arrive. That means that you must pay the full balance before you travel to release the voucher.  When you make a reservation on-line, the full balance is taken at the time of booking. To delay payment to 6 weeks before travel, please email

How long must I have held my driving licence to hire a car?

Alamo and National do not have a minimum period that you must have held a driving licence, as long as you have a full licence, and can legally drive in your country, you can hire a car with our Young Driver Package in the USA.

What does ‘First tank of fuel free’ mean?

This means that you will receive the car with a full tank of fuel and can return the car as empty as possible.

Does the price include the one-way fee?

No, a one-way fee, is paid directly to the desk on arrival. It cannot be pre-paid.

Young driver in car

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