Hand Controls, Steering Balls and Spinner Knobs

Requesting Hand Controls

Suppliers will adapt cars for clients requiring hand controls. Steering balls or spinner knobs are fitted for free. Dollar and Budget will provide hand controls on either the left or right hand side. Alamo will provide hand controls on the left hand side only.

Economy and compact cars cannot have hand controls fitted. Neither can people carriers. Please let us enquire for you if you have a preference for a particular category.

Your can request the position of the steering balls and spinner knobs using a 12 hour clock face.

Please let us know your requirements either before your reservation or as soon as possible after you have made it. You can email elle@tripwheels.com or complete the form linked below. Please allow at least 72 hours for confirmation of the controls and reservation.

Hand Controls Request Form

Disabled Driving Permits

Clients cannot use their own UK (or home country) disabled parking permit in the USA. Upon arrival customers should contact the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to request a USA Disabled Parking Permit. You will be advised the location of the nearest DMV office and you will be required to visit this office in person to apply for a Disabled Parking Permit.  The cost of this is approx $15 USD for 90 days.  They need to bring proof of ID and their UK Disabled Parking Permit.